TEAM PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, Inc. (TEAM) was founded by regulatory lawyers who started the company in the late 1980’s soon after the DOT-mandated drug testing of truck drivers and pipeline employees. TEAM is a privately held Oklahoma corporation still owned by the founders. TEAM successfully manages programs to ensure a drug-free workplace for companies of all sizes.  We work closely with the DOT to keep abreast of regulatory changes and developments. Although our operations are primarily in Oklahoma, our collection site network covers all 50 states, including remote areas, to serve our customers, especially in the Oil & Gas and Trucking Industries.

Background Screening Services

We pride ourselves in responding to issues and questions relating to the highly confusing and sometimes contradictory rules and regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing. We have professional relationships with the involved regulatory agencies and work with our clients to keep them apprised of new developments.  We address any issues that arise with agency audits or the day-to-day interpretation of the applicable regulations. We represent our clients when audited by any regulatory agency.  There are no additional costs or charges to access this consultation, it is included in the per drug test price for our service(s).