The TEAM Difference

With our combined experience in the laws and State and Federal regulation of drug testing, we not only help you  get your drug and alcohol test results as quickly and efficiently as possible, we also have the expertise in all related areas to ensure you are covered in case of an audit or dispute.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Team's Philosophy

TEAM’s philosophy in the administration of drug and alcohol testing programs includes working together with the client to ensure not only compliance with federal, state and local regulations, but also to achieve a workplace free from illicit drug and alcohol use by employees. It has been TEAM’s observation that regulatory compliance often causes employers to measure the success of their testing program based on solely meeting the regulations of monitoring agencies.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

TEAM encourages employers to measure the success of their program in terms of its effectiveness in reducing or eliminating illicit drug and alcohol use by its employees. In generating statistical information for the client, TEAM collects not only the statistical data required by the regulatory agencies, but also useful information for the employer to assess the effectiveness of their hiring policies, drug education and recovery programs.

TEAM also reminds its clients that the vast majority of employees do not engage in illicit drug and alcohol use and that a testing program should recognize this fact. TEAM urges clients to afford tested employees, not only the rights and privileges available under the regulatory scheme, but also the utmost respect for their dignity and privacy in the testing process.