drug & alcohol testing

We set up your drug and alcohol testing offering a collection site in your choice area, shipping method, laboratory and Medical Review Officer, if applicable. We take care of all the payments and bill you one invoice at the end of the month. Because we administer a high volume of tests, we pass along our discounts thus offering you a lower overall price.

All Drug tests are sent to you by your choice of E-mail, Fax or Mail within 24-48 hours of collection, unless there is a positive result. All Breath Alcohol Test results are immediate after collection. Please call us for pricing inquiries.

background screening

We can provide the easiest, quickest, and most cost efficient procedures in doing background checks. After setting up an account with us, go to our website to obtain a menu of background checks options. After entering some brief information identifying the employee, you results will be sent via email the next day, or in some instances, immediately.
As part of its bundled pre-employment eligibility service, background screening that meets your specifications can be obtained through a single stop at our web site along with the pre-employment drug test and pre-employment physical. The results can be transmitted safely to a designated client representative either separately or together.  The client receives one invoice for the entire service which is often discounted because of our volume negotiating ability.

Instant Search Results

  • National Criminal, National Sex Offender, Patriot Act/Terrorist
  • National Sex Offender
  • SSN Identity Check
  • MVR Driving Records
  • Annual MVR Driving Records
  • Employment Credit Report

Non-instant search results

  • Federal Criminal Search
  • OSBI Criminal History Search
  • County Criminal Check
  • OK Worker’s Comp Records Search
  • Federal Bankruptcy Search (National)
  • Previous Employment Verification
  • DOT Employment Verification
  • Education/Degree Verification
  • Personal/Professional Reference Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • Form I-9 Verification

why do background checks?

  • 30% of applicants lie about their educational background
  • Seven out of every 100 applicants have a felony record
  • More than one million people are wanted for felony crimes in the U.S.
  • One out of three applicants includes fraudulent information on resumes
  • Employees filing of fraudulent worker's compensation claims cost American businesses more than $5 billion annually
  • Companies are being fined up to $10,000 for hiring illegal aliens
  • 30% of all business failures are due to employee theft


We have relationships with clinics and health facilities nationwide, and can manage your pre-employment and DOT physicals as part of a bundled pre-employment or employee screening package.  These packages include a pre-employment physical, a background screening to your specifications and a pre-employment drug test. These can be ordered and arranged through a single stop at our web site and the results transmitted to you either separately or collectively. 

Through volume usage, we can often secure physicals for a discount. We can also track DOT driver physicals so that we notify you when the driver needs to be re certified and an appointment can be set up at a convenient clinic in our system. Payment for these services is by one monthly invoice from TEAM rather than multiple bills from numerous vendors and often at a better price.

reasonable suspicion

TEAM offers an eLearning platform designed to educate today’s workforce about substance abuse in the workplace and to empower managers and supervisors to effectively use substance abuse testing to protect their employees and workplace.

We offer the ability to quickly access web-based learning modules and even to easily customize these modules to meet employer specific needs. The modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Reasonable suspicion training for supervisors
  • Drug Free Workplace education programs for employees
  • Drug program management training for HR, Safety, and Risk Management professionals

The TEAM solution is based on the philosophy that online training should:

  • Be available  24/7/365
  • Provide user-friendly content that enables employees to effectively learn and retain important information
  • Automate tracking and compliance for employers, especially for federal and state mandated training requirements
  • Offer a cost-effective, low-maintenance method of learning to reach 100% of the workforce

Reasonable Suspicion Training