drug testing

While many companies offer drug and alcohol testing services, TEAM provides total program management for a drug free workplace program. 

Client satisfaction and service is key to our all our service offerings, but is especially evident in our partnership with you.  We understand the many opportunities in the life of a drug test to be successful; from the donor's clinic experience, timeliness of the arrival for the test at the laboratory, the professionalism and follow-up from the MRO, to the expertise of interpretation and research of special drug test circumstances.  TEAM is the expert so you don't have to be.


  • Provision of a compliant drug and alcohol testing policy
  • Legislative and Regulatory update to your policy
  • Clinic setup and management with access to electronic networks across the country, utilizing all major HHS/SAMSHA certified laboratories for maximum testing flexibility
  • Provision of all testing supplies including chains of custody forms, cups, shipping labels, etc.
  • MRO review of all lab-based drug tests including regulated and non-regulated testing
  • Electronic integration of lab, MRO and customer-facing software systems for expedited delivery of test results
  • Random management including pool creation, compliance monitoring and management
  • Electronic scheduling of drug and alcohol tests with flexibility for donor driven scheduling
  • Customizable user setup with location/division reporting breakdown capabilities
  • Statistical data reporting and submission to required compliance systems
  • Employee roster maintenance
  • Quality control including monitoring of test results as received and updating as needed
  • Batch scheduling features
  • Dedicated account manager

We are confident we will be a value added partner, strengthening your drug free workplace program.  For more information or questions, please contact us today!