PHMSA:  pipeline

TEAM was founded by regulatory lawyers to assist pipeline companies, utility companies, and their contractors, to comply with the federally mandated testing requirements under PHMSA. We not only have a regulatory lawyer on staff, but also management personnel who have worked with DOT and PHMSA requirements for the last 20 years. TEAM offers pre-employment background screening and drug testing. We maintain random testing levels in accordance with PHMSA regulations and notify our clients if they are not meeting these guidelines.


FMCSA:  Transportation

As is the case with PHMSA, TEAM's founding partner is a regulatory lawyer with 40 years’ experience in guiding transportation companies through the complex and conflicting regulations governing every aspect of their operations including mandatory drug and alcohol testing. We have a vast network of 49 CFR Part 40 compliant collection sites offering services for both drug and alcohol testing. Our network is connected with state of the art IT technology to ensure results are reported quickly and accurately. We have TEAM personnel available 24/7 for consultation when making the difficult decisions regarding required or necessary testing after an accident.


TEAM's mission is to assist employers in the creating and maintaining a drug-free workplace. The use of drugs in the workplace threatens the health and safety not only of employees but also customers and vendors.  We partner with companies to set up testing for non-regulated employees by providing you a policy, consulting with you on recommended testing percentages, setting up training for supervisors and administering your program so that it maximizes the investment for your company.   In addition to drug and alcohol testing, TEAM can assist you with non-regulated physical administration, functional capacity evaluations, audiograms, Pulmonary Function testing, etc.  

Construction Drug Testing

A survey conducted by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) revealed that the construction industry has some of the highest rates of alcohol and drug abuse. Among full-time construction workers between the ages of 18 and 49, more than 12 percent reported illicit drug use during the past 30 days, almost 21 percent reported illicit drug use during the past year, and approximately 13 percent admitted to heavy alcohol use.

These workers are not only dangerous to themselves and their coworkers, but also to the general public. Poor quality construction work can lead to potentially dangerous structures; including private homes, schools, corporate buildings, shopping centers, national landmarks….the list goes on and on.  TEAM offers a comprehensive drug testing program and services that help construction companies address their safety concerns and prevent and the financial and physical losses resulting from substance abusing workers.

staffing and recruitment

We understand the competitive nature of staffing and recruiting.  TEAM is on the cutting edge with robust technology to schedule drug tests electronically, allowing you to receive drug test result faster and with more accuracy.  Our extensive network provides the convenient locations for your candidates.  In addition to drug testing options, TEAM also can provide cost-efficient and fast solutions for background screening designed to assist you in matching the best candidate for your placements.