The Cost of Opioid Addicted Employees

The number of employees testing positive for illicit drugs is higher today than it has been in more than a decade. This surge in positive tests is due largely to the outbreak of opioid pill addictions. These painkillers are cheap, easy to get, and very powerful. While this epidemic is still vastly under addressed, some… Read Full Article

How to Spot Drug Use in the Workplace

Contrary to stereotypes, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence has found that 70% of Americans who abuse drugs are gainfully employed. The report also found that drug abuse costs employers more than $80 billion every year. To help substance abusing employees get the help they need, and to protect the company from accidents… Read Full Article

Stop Making Bad Hires. Start Screening Better.

Conducting comprehensive background checks is an employer’s best line of defense against negligent hiring claims and other liabilities that stem from misbehaving employees. Employers are currently faced with a hiring environment that presents a variety of challenges and complications, but screening employees prior to hiring is still an absolute necessity. Here are three great reasons… Read Full Article

Which Drug Test is Best?

  When employers pursue drug testing for their employees, they have three standard options: urine, hair, or saliva. For a long time, urine was the go-to method, but then employees got crafty and were able to find some workarounds that duped urine drug tests. Thus, alternative methods were pioneered to promote a drug-free workplace. Each… Read Full Article