TEAM Management offers wide vareity of services


Nationwide Collection Sites-Make appointments, Print Maps

DOT Audit Preparation

DOT Turnkey Compliance Programs and random Testing Programs

Options for Paperless Chain of Custody Forms with Electronic Tracking

Laboratory Statistical Reporting

Paperless chain of custody drug testing (Non-DOT)

Single monthly invoice covering all services


Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy Development

Third Party Administration (TPA) Consulting

Variety of reporting options for maximum flexibility: web-based, e-mail, secure fax, or    telephone

Welcome to TEAM, our people, and our services collectively offer the safest, easiest, quickest, and most cost efficient way to a drug free workplace and full compliance with the complex drug testing requirements required by state and federal law. TEAM is owned and staffed by transportation professionals with collective and combined regulatory representation and consultation experience of over 100 years.

Team was founded by William Parker and Cody Waddell, lawyers, specializing in the practice of regulatory law to assist small companies and individuals required to perform drug and alcohol testing in compliance with Federally mandated testing requirements imposed upon safety sensitive industries in the late 1980’s.

The preparation of a detailed policy, setting up of appropriate collection facilities, employment of trained medical personnel and securing laboratory testing in conformity with the mandated requirements was a task beyond the capabilities of their smaller regulatory clients and Team was formed to provide badly needed assistance in achieving full compliance by these smaller companies.

Team has grown until now it serves hundreds of individual companies both large and small having thousands of employees in their efforts to create and foster a drug free workplace and achieve full compliance with state and federal laws governing their testing procedures and policies.

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